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2014 Global Sustainability Report

About this Report

JLL is pleased to launch our sixth Global Sustainability Report which summarizes our sustainability performance for the 2014 calendar year.  The content of the report focuses on the areas that have been identified as the most material to our clients, shareholders, employees and the community. Our use of rigorous controls around the metrics is furthered by our integrated reporting efforts whereby we seek to communicate how JLL delivers financial and non-financial value in the short, medium and long term.

Our global sustainability strategy is built around the five focus areas below, which articulate the broad-ranging nature of what sustainability means to our business.  Our focus areas encompass the sustainability services we provide to clients as well as what we do in our own operations. We are pleased to share with you a few highlights from the 2014 report:

  • Client service excellence: JLL took part in 58 sustainability organizations and initiatives with our World Green Building Council partnership as just one example.  We also won 24 sustainability awards in 2014.
  • Workplace, well-being and diversity: Globally, 35% of total employees and 27% of Directors were women in addition to our Chairman.
  • Community and supply chain: Our employees volunteered more than 4,590 days to support charitable causes, up 63% from 2013.
  • Energy and resources: We helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 278,000 metric tons of CO2 for our US clients, equating to an estimated cost savings of $47 million.
  • Green buildings: Our advice helped our clients achieve 87 green building certifications covering more than 18 million square feet.  17% of our own offices had green building certifications. 

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JLL is pleased to launch their 2014 #GlobalSustainabilityReport "Our cities. Our future." http://bit.ly/1IGOz82

2014 Global Sustainability Report

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