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ICL 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report

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 “Humanity's needs in the present era go beyond the products necessary for our physical existence. A company such as ICL, aiming for business success and constant improvement, must understand and internalize these changes and prove commitment to sustainability. Responsible conduct helps us to create added value for ICL and the communities where we operate, while establishing a relationship of trust and transparency that is critical to our success."

Asher Grinbaum, ICL’s EVP and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

ICL has been publishing full Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reports since 2010. This fifth report takes a major step forward in its process of building a strong tradition of CSR activities and transparent reporting. Characterized by substantial improvements, the 2014 CSR report aims to meet the needs and expectations of ICL’s stakeholders, and complies with the best-in-class reporting standard, the GRI G4 guidelines.

As a global company, ICL is continuously engaged in fulfilling humanity's essential needs, by utilizing its proprietary technologies, innovation capabilities and processing expertise. This breadth of activity allows ICL to continue to develop along with the evolvement of humanity’s needs, and to offer appropriate solutions through three critical end markets: Agriculture, Food and Engineered materials.

The task of addressing these essential needs is among the issues detailed in this report, including the critical need to produce increasing quantities of food without the availability of a corresponding increase in the amount of land allocated for agriculture; guarantee quality food for the world’s population; and ensure a supply of engineered materials required to create more efficient and environmentally friendly energy, prevent the spread of forest fires, and allow the safe and broad use of hundreds of products and materials. ICL’s extensive activities cover the entire life cycle of the products and materials that it manufactures, from raw materials and manufacturing through to end markets.

Report highlights:

  • For the first time, specific parts of the CSR report were audited by KPMG.
  • A more reader-friendly and aesthetic reporting style, offering a positive reading experience, with easy access to key data.
  • QR Codes are located throughout the report for the reader to scan and view the company’s videos and other related data available online.
  • Updates on the improvement in environmental performance.
  • Information on new products and R&D activities with environmental benefits.
  • Detailed review and new graphic presentation on mine reclamation.
  • Transportation and logistics, as part of ICL’s global activities throughout the supply chain.
  • Activity and contribution to preserving the biodiversity in ICL work areas.
  • Individual success stories in the areas of energy, water, sewage, air quality, waste, and meeting the regulatory requirements in its locations.
  • Current issues that were raised by ICL’s stakeholders.
  • New platforms for communicating with stakeholders.

With this report, ICL continues to support GRI’s core mission to increase both the quantity and quality of corporate responsibility reporting. ICL believes that it will contribute to the improvement of the company's performance and to the realization of its strategic goals.

For further information, email: contact@icl-group.com

ICL 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report

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