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Lafarge Sustainability Report 2014

About this Report

Lafarge’s 2014 Sustainability Report covers Lafarge’s social, economic and environmental performance for 2014, including an update on progress towards the company’s Sustainability Ambitions 2020 program.  There is also a specific focus on the company’s approach to climate change and energy, recognizing the importance of this issue to the business and in preparing for December’s COP21 meeting in Paris, which will bring together governments from around the world to agree upon solutions to combat global warming.  

This focus demonstrates how Lafarge is transforming its approach to tackle the challenges of climate change.  This transformation includes developing new solutions that improve the energy efficiency of buildings, to enable more durable cities to be built, and innovating new lower-carbon products as well as deploying actions to reduce its own footprint and promoting responsible energy and climate change policies.

The report also addresses a number of other ‘material issues’ for the business, identified by the Lafarge Sustainability Compass.  The Compass is a unique methodology developed by Lafarge and Accenture for ensuring sustainable development actions are fully integrated within the business, taking into account the priorities of stakeholders as well as those of the company.

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