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NEC Releases Annual CSR report

About this Report

NEC Corporation has published its annual report on corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015 on its NEC CSR website. NEC has issued the report to promote better understanding of its CSR activities since fiscal 2005.

The annual report highlights dialogue with stakeholders, mechanisms of managing innovation and NEC’s policies on human rights. The company aims to solve social issues through business activities and to highlight NEC’s initiatives for transforming into a social value innovator while carrying out its mid-term Management Plan 2015.

Report highlights:

1. Promoted continuous dialogue with stakeholders for transforming into a social value innovator

Continuing from 2011, NEC held a stakeholder review with NPO/NGO representatives based on ISO 26000, the international standard for social responsibility. This year has featured discussions that included top management and the Corporate Strategy Division. The agenda addressed activities for transforming into a social value innovator as part of NEC’s mid-term Management plan 2015, as well as measures for enhancing corporate culture and social value.

In addition to this annual stakeholder review, a variety of stakeholder dialogues and engagements were carried out inside and outside Japan. For example, it introduced NEC’s ID system and used its competitive biometrics technology for its Solutions for Society at the Infopoverty World Conference that has been held annually since the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were adopted.

2. Introduced mechanisms for managing innovation in support of NEC’s Solutions for Society

NEC has mechanisms for grasping social issues on a global scale, driving innovation in order to resolve those issues, and creating new value in promotion of its Solutions for Society.

Through collaboration with world-class universities and research institutions, NEC’s Central Research Laboratories, located in North America, Europe, China, Japan and Singapore, are working to enhance technologies as driving forces of innovation.

NEC’s Business Innovation Unit aims to strengthen new business in the four domains that NEC is focusing on in order to globally expand its Solutions for Society, including big data, SDN (Software-Defined Networking), cyber security and cloud service platforms.  Each of these domains is promoting the creation of new social value that goes beyond existing organizations or business models.

3. Newly Formulated NEC Group Human Rights Policy

As a global company, NEC strives to uphold international standards for the protection of all human rights advocated by the United Nations, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the European Commission. It recognizes it has the responsibility to manage the potential impacts of its business activities on the human rights of its stakeholders.

The NEC Group Human Rights Policy means that NEC engages in dialogue and discussion with stakeholders to develop and implement due diligence for human rights, and requires that a similar respect for human rights be shown by business partners and other associates in the value chain.

4. NEC Annual Report 2015, integrating both financial and non-financial information

The NEC Annual Report 2015 describes the activities and policies for improving corporate value in view of NEC’s mid and long-term goals to be a social value innovator, and explains its approach to Japan’s Corporate Governance Code.

In particular, NEC has actively incorporated concrete measures to strengthen its governance ahead of Japan’s Corporate Governance Code that came into force in June 2015. The measures are introduced in chronological order on the Corporate Governance page.

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NEC Releases Annual CSR report

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