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Experian Corporate Responsibility Report 2018


Experian’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report explains how they’re delivering on their purpose to create a better tomorrow by unlocking the power of data, putting consumers at the heart of what they do, and working in a way that respects people, their data and the environment.

Experian put consumers at the heart of what they do. All their products and solutions have an impact on someone, somewhere who wants to have a home, get a loan or access some other service that they really need.

Experian’s focus on consumers goes right back to its roots as early pioneers of credit information more than 100 years ago. Even back then, Experian were helping people to fulfil their life ambitions and that ethos remains at the core of the business today.

This year, they’ve evolved their approach to help better understand people’s specific needs in each market and develop solutions that respond to those needs. As Experian expand into new markets, they’re bringing in teams of experts from all around the business and asking them to think like a start-up company to deliver solutions quickly. In Brazil, Experian Serasa’s online credit report service was developed and ready to start helping people across the country in a matter of months.

By giving consumers in Brazil visibility of their credit scores for the first time, this service has the potential to revolutionise access to fair credit in a country that is known for high interest rates and unmanageable debts. It’s free to use and gives people access to a range of services to help them understand, manage and protect their credit profiles.

This is just one example of how Experian are helping people through its core business. They’re also continuing to invest in innovative products and solutions that are designed to offer additional societal benefits, while generating new revenue streams for the business. In 2017/18, these social innovation products and solutions reached over 9 million additional people and they have generated more than US$3.4 million in additional revenue over the last five years.

For example, Payment Plan Adviser offers personalised payment plans to help people in the USA meet healthcare costs. Recovery Portal in Brazil helps people deal with debt and Experian have launched a similar service in Spain and they have been working with the Association of British Credit Unions to help its members provide people across the UK with fast and fair access to loans.

Of course, it’s not just Experian’s products but their people who help us deliver our purpose. Experian are extremely proud of the continued dedication and enthusiasm they have once again shown this year through their day-to-day work and by volunteering more than 42,000 hours of their time working time. In the Corporate Responsibility report, they share some of their stories throughout.

Employees also play a critical role in securing their data, which remains the top topic of concern for their industry. Experian’s mantra is clear: ‘we put security first in all that we do’. This is embedded in their DNA throughout the business as part of our commitment to act with integrity, always.

And of course, environmental responsibility is also the key to running a responsible business. Experian’s total carbon footprint has reduced by a further 6% to 51,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent (CO2e) in 2017/18. Since 2014/15, they have achieved an overall reduction of 12% in their carbon footprint and over the same time period, they’ve cut the carbon intensity of the business by 10% to 10.8 tonnes of CO2e per US$1,000 of revenue – beating their 5% reduction target for 2018.

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Experian Corporate Responsibility Report 2018

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