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MetLife Releases Global Impact, the Company’s Sustainability Report on 2018 Performance


April 25, 2019 - Investors, regulators, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders are increasingly focused on how companies perform on a wide range of sustainability measures. Today, how well a company performs in these areas is widely seen as an indicator of how well it is managed overall.

We demonstrate our commitment to operating responsibly through the security we provide customers, our philanthropic activities in the communities we serve, and our long-term investments in the economy. We manage our business with the goal of responsibly delivering long-term value for all of our stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders and the world at large.

MetLife’s Global Impact report highlights how the company manages Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues to make a positive impact on the world. The report includes information on MetLife’s record on climate issues and responsible investing, as well as efforts to make its products more accessible and easier to use, enhance customer value, and cultivate employee wellness and career development. It also details the company’s accomplishments in workplace diversity and MetLife Foundation’s work to improve financial health. Importantly, the report provides a progress update on MetLife’s ESG-related goals and commitments established in 2015.

“The very nature of insurance provides sustainable, long-term value to people,” said Mike Zarcone, MetLife executive vice president and head of Corporate Affairs. “Our business is to make and keep promises, sometimes decades into the future. We live up to these promises through the products we provide, the investments we make, and by operating responsibly. We are pleased to highlight the impact that we make on society in our annual Global Impact Report.”

Global Impact is prepared in accordance with the latest standards published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the nonprofit organization that sets the standard for sustainability reporting. The GRI Standards provide a globally recognized framework for companies to measure and communicate their environmental, economic, social and governance performance. By adhering to this framework, MetLife joins thousands of companies around the world in quantifying the benefits and impacts of its business activities.

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MetLife Releases Global Impact, the Company’s Sustainability Report on 2018 Performance

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