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Sustainability at Kingfisher: Making It Easy for Customers, and Part of the Everyday for Colleagues


Kingfisher publishes its sustainability report for 2016/17.

Kingfisher’s aim is to make sustainability an easy choice for customers. It’s this vision that sets the path for everything they do, and that will help them achieve their ambition to create good homes by making home improvement accessible for everyone.

Over the last year, they’ve been working hard to embed sustainability into internal practices and processes, investing in bright ideas and new ways of working. From head office to the shop floor, their aim is to make sure that sustainability becomes a part of everyday life at Kingfisher.
When Net Positive was launched in 2012, Kingfisher set itself 53 ambitious targets for 2020, with milestones for 2016/17. Key achievements include:

  • Over a quarter of sales come from sustainable home products, those which have a positive or much lower impact on people and the environment
  • 96% responsibly sourced wood and paper in their products  
  • Customers have saved 12.8TWh of energy through sales of energy saving products and services – a potential saving of over £840 million
  • The business has cut its energy intensity by 16.5% and its property carbon intensity by 25% since 2010/11.

Much has changed at Kingfisher since 2012. Last year they announced a five-year transformation plan to become ONE Kingfisher, creating a unified company based on putting customer needs first, including unifying their sourcing operations and product ranges. 
With this new ambition in mind, we are set to see Kingfisher publish an updated sustainability strategy in 2017, with targets that are more closely aligned with the needs of their customers and the business. Read more about this and their progress over the 2016/17 year in this year’s sustainability report, published today.

Download the report from www.kingfisher.com

PDF for download
Enquiries: sustainability@kingfisher.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/kingfisher

Sustainability at Kingfisher: Making It Easy for Customers, and Part of the Everyday for Colleagues

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